Purpose of this blog

The main reason that I want to set up this blog is to help me study machine learning and do research in this area. I believe that it is a very good habit to rethink and rewrite my own interpretation of what I have learned.

Because of non-cs background, I think it is also an wonderful opportunity to learn something new in CS such as front-end technologies.

Logic behind every post

Most posts will discuss machine algorithms, of course, there are many good books and tutorials introducing these. However, what I want to do is not just to introduce the algorithms, instead I assume that one algorithm had not been invented by predecessors, would we be able to come up with the algorithm?

I think this kind of assumption could be very helpful to study and do research. The emphasis is about how the algorithm was invented (how to think), not just the algorithm itself. It is like “supervised learning” because the result of algorithm in fact is known to us, so we can use the result to supervise us to learn one algorithm and we can always ask ourselves why I can’t come up with this amazing solution.